Over my 30-year career with the railroad, I’ve experienced far too many accidents: train versus pedestrian, train versus vehicle.  The emotional weight of each exponentially heavier than the last and my photography was born from the healing process and instrumental in peeling back layers of damage inflicted by these traumas.  


What began as a distraction became a full-blown passion.  PTSD had crippled me for many years, but shooting super saturated, brilliantly colourful photos was my saving grace.

Double exposure mimicked the chaos in my mind.  It was where I felt most at ease; and, as I'm sure you'll notice, where the chaos lives on.  Now though, the layers of trauma are replaced by layers of colour and light.


Look closely, there is so much to see.


​True creativity cannot be manufactured.  It comes from a place of light and darkness, of happiness and sadness.  It is the sum of the whole and in my personal journey, nothing could be truer. ​